Enrolled students of the KUPES will commence their study at KUPES after completing their B1 study by taking university-wide common courses and specialised courses. KUPES will enable enrolled students to appreciate common challenges that Japan and the EU are facing from various perspectives and ultimately to play an active role in international society in the 21st century.

Students with the following capabilities should apply:

  1. Those who possess an ability to appreciate the full range of practical applications of their specialised field. An awareness of current problems in their field of study, be capable of coming up with innovative ideas as well as having basic methodological skills.
  2. Those who can understand the interrelationships between their own specialised field and other disciplines. Be able to grasp issues from inter-disciplinary perspectives.
  3. Those who are capable of acquiring foreign language skills in order to become key players in global society.
  4. Those who are interested in understanding the structures of EU society and the diverse values of different culture, as well as be capable of address issues, by thinking, judging and acting at their own initiative.