Common Room

Common Room is available for students for multiple purposes, such as for self- study, group work, as well as for talking with your friends!

Common Room is located on the 6th floor, the Frontier Hall for Social Sciences.
Please check the following instructions to use or book the room!

*Access to the Frontier Hall for Social Sciences

Who can use the room

Common Room can be used by any students who belong to Kobe U, such as those who are interested in studying in Europe and foreign students etc. Faculty is also available to use the room.

Available equipment

  • 2 Desktop computers, Printer/Scanner
  • Large screen monitor
  • Tables for group work, study desks
  • Sofa

*Several portable devices are also available (Electronic dictionary, IC recorder, iPad, DVD player, etc.). Please ask at the EJCE office if you would like to use.

Available textbooks and materials

  • Books and texts for helping study KUPES subjects
  • Guidebooks and brochures to gain information to study in Europe
  • Textbooks to study foreign languages (English, French, German, Dutch, etc.)
  • Books and texts for foreign students to learn Japanese and Japanese culture/society.
  • Books and audio-visual materials (DVDs, CDs) related to EU studies

*Please feel free to ask for the EJCE office to borrow those materials.

For What Purpose the Common Room can be used

  • Self-study, Group work
  • Gathering between Japanese students, foreign students and teachers.
  • Seminar, Social event
  • Consultation about study abroad

*Please check the availability of commonroom here

Open hour

Mon-Fri 8:30 - 17:00


Please feel free to ask for the staff at EJCE office to use.


How to Book the Common Room

Only KUPES students can book the room in advance when you prefer to use for group work or social event.



  1. Please keep quiet as master/doctor students are studying on the same floor
  2. Drink and food can be taken, as long as you clean up the room by yourself.
  3. Please do not forget to power off the computer, air conditioner and lighting to save energy.
  4. Please keep your valuables by yourself.